November 22, 2022


The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) is applauding the provincial
government’s recent announcement that bare pavement on Northern highways will now
be required within 12 hours of a winter storm.


“FONOM would like to thank Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney and the
provincial government for making this critical change,” said FONOM President Danny
Whalen. “Highways in Northern Ontario connect our communities; and having highways
17 and 11 cleared quicker after the minimal standard is reached is important for road


Previously this year, the province announced the 2+1 Highway pilot project on Highway
11 north of North Bay and the work of the Northern Ontario Transportation Task Force
as steps to ensure highways 11 and 17 serve the residents of the North.


FONOM will continue to work with the Ministry and Ford Government on matters of
importance to our member municipalities. The FONOM Board will continue this
advocacy during the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference this January.


FONOM is an association of some 110 districts/municipalities/cities/towns in Northeastern Ontario mandated to work for the betterment of municipal government in Northern Ontario and strive for improved legislation respecting local government in the North. It is a membership-based association that draws its members from Northeastern Ontario and is governed by an 11- member board.


President Danny Whalen