FONOM is going to start to host quarterly Learning Mornings for our Members. The Morning will include five 30-minute presentations, and we would hope the presenter will take questions from attendees inside that timeframe. Our first morning will be on Wednesday, August 4th (Zoom link below), starting at 8:30, and we should be done just before 12noon. We plan to do the second morning on Thursday, November 10th, 2021.

Zoom Meeting


Wednesday, August 4th, 2021


8:30 am – MMAH – Minister Zoning Orders Overview – Bridget Schulte-Hostedde & Christopher Brown


9.05 am – Update from the NWMO – Michael Borrelli


9:40 am – WoodWorks overview  – Tim Buhler


10:15 am – GFL – Municipal Blue Box Transition – Craig Bartlett & David Richmond


10:50 am – Circular Materials Ontario (CMO) – Municipal Blue Box Transition – Usman Valiante


11:25 am – AMO – Municipal Blue Box Transition – Dave Gordon


We would hope you consider joining us on August 4th, 2021.