FONOM Pleased With Announcement of Proposed Changes to the Ontario Building Code

Date published: Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) is pleased with the Government of Ontario’s recent announcement that it will move forward with the proposed changes to the Ontario Building Code to allow for wood frame building structures up to six storeys.

If passed, this regulatory change will benefit the northern Ontario economy by creating a demand for Ontario’s wood products, which would strengthen the forest industry, a key economic sector in the north. It will sustain current jobs and provide an opportunity to create new ones, encourage investment and innovation into new processes and technologies, and contribute to the economic prosperity of northeastern Ontario.

These changes also ensure that Ontario builders are presented with viable and alternative construction options that meet safety, health and structural requirements within the building code. Increasing the use of wood products in building projects also creates new opportunities for innovation and design and reduces the carbon footprint during the construction process.

Amendments to the Ontario Building Code will increase design flexibility and help reduce the current impediments to the construction of mid-rise buildings. FONOM believes that building code changes would assist smart growth through the development of diversified buildings.

FONOM expresses the importance of providing supportive feedback and comments to the Regulatory Registry during the review process of the proposed Ontario Building Code changes.

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Alan Spacek, President

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