FONOM Calls on MNR to Consider Alternatives to Parks Closures

Date published: Monday, November 19, 2012
Representatives from the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities met with the Minister of Natural Resources, Michael Gravelle, in Toronto yesterday to discuss the closure of overnight camping in ten provincial parks across Northeastern Ontario.
“The announcement that MNR was planning to end overnight camping in ten parks came as a shock to most Northerners. Camping is part of our way of life, and implementing the MNR’s plans, as announced, will create a black hole in Northern Ontario’s park system,” said Al Spacek, President of FONOM.

FONOM representatives highlighted the negative social and economic impacts park closures could be expected to create. The delegation presented alternatives to the planned closure of ten provincial parks to Minister Gravelle. The Minister committed to reviewing areas of opportunity identified by FONOM during the discussion and to provide comment within weeks.

“We are hopeful that Minister Gravelle will work with FONOM, local municipalities and stakeholders to come up with a better plan for Northern Ontario’s provincial parks. Closure is not the solution; and something FONOM and tens of thousands of Northerners won’t stand for,” said Spacek.

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