FONOM Looks to Build on Relationship with Wynne Government

Date published: Friday, June 13, 2014

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) congratulates the Liberal Party on winning a majority and earning the opportunity to govern the Province of Ontario once again.

FONOM looks forward to ensuring that the promises made within the budget and during the campaign are realized. These commitments include implementing a permanent roads and bridges fund for municipalities, efforts toward four laning highways in northern Ontario, reviewing the Provincial Land Tax, exploration of opportunities to develop agriculture in the north, and address the rising costs of policing in Ontario.

“We will look to build on the relationship that we have made with the Wynne government. FONOM will continue to hold the governing party accountable to commitments that have been made to the north,” says Al Spacek, FONOM President.

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Mayor Al Spacek
President of FONOM

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